Skin well-being

Intact and healthy skin is another River Pharma goal. Within our laboratories we have developed an innovative and effective formulation to ensure the health of acne-prone skin to promote the elimination of pimples, purify, fight redness, normalise sebaceous secretion and reduce the sensation of itching.

River Pharma also cares about all those who, having undergone surgery or an accident, see their scar take on an unpleasant appearance with a negative impact on social life. The study and development of a cosmetic useful for reducing scar blemishes allows River Pharma to be of support in these cases.

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Menopause and osteoporosis: what causes bone loss?

Menopause and osteoporosis: what causes bone loss?

Unfortunately for all women who are in menopause osteoporosis is a sad reality that sooner or later will become increasingly present in their lives, this is even more true in all those who already have a genetic predisposition towards this degenerative bone disease.

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