Mission and Values

River Pharma wants to be attentive to the needs of customers, helping to awaken the personal well-being. This is the ideal that we have and strive every day to achieve.

The search for quality and effectiveness are our daily activity and the results are proof of this.
Each product is a new challenge towards innovation, for the well-being of users all over the world.

Well-being is not just an external aspect.

Well-being is a stimulus that gives self-confidence.

Well-being is a value that enriches the spirit.

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We do not wait to adapt to change but we are its most daring and enterprising promoters. We are always ready to imagine and anticipate future scenarios, contributing to the progress and evolution of the Medical-Scientific Community.

Those who work in River Pharma not only enter a company, but a real community where they can find their own professional and personal fulfillment. Social cohesion is far more than a value and River Pharma has been able to express it by strengthening its corporate welfare system year after year. We are committed to listening to people, to improve their lives not only within the work environment but also outside, in the family unit.

At the base there is the awareness that every employee before being a worker is a person and as such must feel satisfied and fulfilled. The goal is to make it feel part of a solid community, of a company that protects its interests, passions, dreams and needs in the most concrete way possible.

For us, diversity is a characteristic of the entire organisation, heterogeneous in cultures and identities and as such able to meet the needs and expectations of equally heterogeneous and global doctors and patients. Within it, wherever they are, everyone has the same opportunities for entry, treatment and professional growth. No individual characteristic can ever be used as a criterion of discrimination during the journey through the company: neither gender, age, religion, ethnicity, marital status, disability nor sexual or political orientation.

Integrity, Curiosity, Innovation and Safety are the values that summarise the meaning of our culture. As a company and as a team, our task is to pass them on to all our stakeholders and, more generally, to society as a whole. They testify to our convictions and the commitment that differentiates us.

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Menopause and osteoporosis: what causes bone loss?

Menopause and osteoporosis: what causes bone loss?

Unfortunately for all women who are in menopause osteoporosis is a sad reality that sooner or later will become increasingly present in their lives, this is even more true in all those who already have a genetic predisposition towards this degenerative bone disease.

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