Innovation and Quality

We are bold and enterprising promoters of functional changes to well-being, always ready to imagine and anticipate future scenarios. Integrity, Curiosity, Innovation and Safety are the values that summarise the meaning of our culture.

As a company and as a team, our task is to pass them on to all our Stakeholders and, more generally, to the Users. They testify to our beliefs and commitment that makes the difference.

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The Search for Quality and Effectiveness is our main goal, the project that we are committed to achieving every day. Each River Pharma Product is a new step towards the progress of the Medical-Scientific Community, as well as the response to the most widespread disorders and diseases in the world.

Always alongside physicians and patients, our reputation for high-level research and accurate quality control methods is unmatched.

In terms of product quality, testing and formulations, we go far beyond market standards. The active ingredients we use are purified following very high standards before being included in our formulas.

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Menopause and osteoporosis: what causes bone loss?

Menopause and osteoporosis: what causes bone loss?

Unfortunately for all women who are in menopause osteoporosis is a sad reality that sooner or later will become increasingly present in their lives, this is even more true in all those who already have a genetic predisposition towards this degenerative bone disease.

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