Remedies against pain and inflammation: the properties of boswellia

Among the most known remedies against pain and inflammation are boswellia, a plant extract that can combat inflammatory processes. Specifically, its benefits affect the osteoarticular area and lead to a decrease in pain and swelling, in combination with increased mobility. Through its active ingredients it helps to increase the state of physical well-being. Read on to discover all the properties of boswellia against pain and inflammation.

What is boswellia?

Native to India, boswellia is a resin extracted from boswellia serrata, a plant of the Burseraceae family. Known for its natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it is particularly useful in case of muscle pain, rheumatism, arthritis and arthrosis.

From the resin obtained from the bark of boswellia is extracted a rubber resin rich in boswellic acids, essential oil and polysaccharides able to perform a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic action on different pathologies of the osteoarticular system. So, it is not only able to contain pain, but also to reduce the process of inflammation.

When to use boswellia? The properties against pain and inflammation

Its anti-inflammatory action is particularly suitable for the treatment of the following problems related to the musculoskeletal system:

  • osteoarthritis;
  • inflammation of soft tissues (bursitis, tendinitis);
  • arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis;
  • local inflammations of different nature;
  • degenerative disorders (joints);
  • muscle pain;
  • rheumatism.

In these cases, the anti-inflammatory action of boswellia serrata resin reduces pain and helps to limit swelling, bringing more blood to the joint. This improves stiffness and motor skills and prevents complete degeneration.

Boswellic acid blocks the development of the inflammatory process because it acts on the enzymes that are responsible for it. It does not only contain pain: it is a real natural drug capable of intervening in a therapeutic way on the inflammations of muscles and joints.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, boswellia is successfully used in the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis: it reduces edema, pain and functional limitation without damaging the gastric mucosa and helps reduce fever and related symptoms. The boswellia used as a remedy against pain and inflammation improves stiffness and motor skills without adverse effects on the body. The extract ensures an effective response to personal well-being, helping to improve the quality of life of the individuals who use it.

The enviable advantage, however, concerns side effects: while drugs often have negative influences on the gastric mucosa, this natural remedy does not cause irritation to the stomach, as proven by studies.

Remedies against pain and inflammation: products based on boswellia

Among the most commonly appreciated pain and inflammation remedies you can find boswellia gels indicated for joint pain and some dietary supplements, usually in combination with hyaluronic acid, also in this case studied for osteo-wellness articulate.

Innovative formulations based on boswellia against pain are multiple and able to respond to needs of a different nature. Supplements are very useful if you are looking for a means to take the appropriate dose of active ingredient daily, allowing you to fully exploit the plant’s phytotherapeutic properties.

In addition to creams, ointments and nutritional supplements, this natural substance can be found in other special formats, such as:

  • dry extract, in tablets or capsules;
  • mother tincture, in drops to be diluted;
  • essential oil, used for massages;
  • essential oil of incense, with antiseptic and antirheumatic properties.


We can therefore say that boswellia is an excellent natural supplement to combat inflammation and muscle and joint pain. As has been proven, one of the main advantages over other drugs is the absence of side effects. Often in fact, gastro-intestinal problems arise caused by the intake of chemicals in the body. If you are looking for a more natural remedy against pain and inflammation, boswellia serrata extracts are just what you need.

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